What even the Rock Star doesn’t know about their craft. | 2023 03 28 Top offers 3: “THE ROCK STAR” (final offer in this series)

19 March, 2023, Me (Suzanne Beenackers)

Let me guess your most unappreciated talent, Rock Star.
Sex, I’m gonna go with sex.

Oh, I’m kidding!
I wasn’t guessing, I’m dead certain that is your hidden quality.

Not hidden as in that nobody knows, but hidden in the sense of:
Underappreciated or even unappreciated.
Never mentioned by anyone other than admirers who whisper it behind your back. Or scream it to your face, depending on the context as well as their social skills.

Hidden in the sense of: Never brought to the table by any professional concerned with your mental, physical or financial well-being.
Your artistic accomplishments?
Oh, I definitely think 99 out of a 100 professionals with a responsibility or direct interest in the artistic side of your career, will mention it.
Don’t think the world of fine arts, and that includes performance art and that includes rock n’ roll- don’t think they are in the dark about where your Rock Star power comes from.

And these people in arts know the details, the very physics, of how these powers work. Whereas the ones concerned with the financial success of an artist usually got it all backwards:
They think the artist being in a committed relationship, hurts sales.
That it is the actual fact of the artist being available versus unavailable, that determines their Rock Star power.
But they got it all backwards:
It is not the knowledge that they are married, or not heterosexual, or a relationship being out in the open, that has ever hurt the career of the artist.
What did hurt, was when it changed them.

When the relationship started eating away their Rock Star charisma and sexual zest, from the inside out.
THAT, is what hurts sales.

And it is also what hurts creative, artistic and performance quality in general, but like I said the people concerned with those aspects of art and music, know that.

It’s just that the rest of the world still clings to this idea that we can somehow put a Rock Star on a leash, give them domestic responsibilities and an extra sticker when they are faithful;
And somehow magically NOT kill what we liked about them in the first place.
What everybody liked about them, what has made or could make them millions, and put bread on the table for a lot more families than just their own.
That, is what diminishes Rock Star power.
Not their relationship status.

After this three things can happen.

The first is: They just walk out. 
This is absolutely my favorite, but it is very rare. This is the Rock Star getting their act together overnight, ends it all, and is completely unavailable for any comments later on.
They just vanish from your life, and never return.
The only way to see them again, is to sue them and drag their Rock Star ass to court.

Then, there’s the second one, who blows it up but with both the energy-save  as well as the ego-save buttons On.
What they’ll do is have an affair, miss some (or as many as needed) appointments and agreements in a very sloppy way, until the other party is so angry they blow up the relationship.
Everyone’s ego is saved:
The Rock Star’s ego is saved because they blame the fail on the partner being totally unreasonable, and the partner’s ego is saved, because it wasn’t their fault and they can blame it all on the Rock Star.
This is the most common way, in particular because the Rock Star uses the aggression and disappointment of the partner, to do all the heavy lifting.
They don’t have to do anything, except being an asshole at some strategic moments that really count.

But sadly, what happens most often, is that the Rock Star doesn’t make it out.
Oh, there’s a happy ending alright!
Nobody cheats, nobody blows anything up. Hell, even the quarreling and the bickering just stop…. ‘Cause the Rock Star has given up, Baby.

This scenario, the most common one, the most sad one, and the reason I so very strongly believe in the mission of this company Catacombe – and the scenario that definitely includes people who never got to see themselves as Rock Stars in the first place, despite their Rock Star power-
This third scenario is that the Rock Star dies.

They are talked into believing the only way to become good and accepted, and successful as a human being at large, is to be like other people, and to act normal.
This is a brainwash, a programming that can usually be blamed on the parents, who do not recognize the star power of their offspring but very well recognize the disruptive nature of their child;
And end it.

But they would have never been successful if society did not reinforce this behavior. If educators, peers, employers, and now in modern day social media; If they did not conspire together to finish off anything that could think on their own.
Rebel on their own.
And fuck, not on their own but with whomever lights a fire in them, and the feeling being mutual.
To fuck whomever they damn well please.

There is an unspoken, widespread understanding, that that?
Is dangerous.

So the Rock Stars are brainwashed and belittled, sex-shamed, slut-shamed, and their qualities go by unrecognized unless they are lucky enough to also possess other creative skills;
Then their sexually explosive, independent Rock Star qualities are seen as an add-on.
Something that gives the art, or the other usable qualities, a certain charm, but that is ultimately nothing more but a topping.
Not content.

Some manage to escape with an explosive midlife crisis, but those are rare.
But if you do know someone blowing up their life in midlife, please send them this post, okay?
They might need it.

Because in general, once scenario 3, the average-nothing-special-about-you-ness of it all, has its fangs in you?
-and that’s usually under 25 years old-
Oh, you’re out.
Try coming back from that one.

Even people ending those specific relationships, that they feel are contracting them, usually do it to recreate the same sexual prison with a new person.
Not to now let their best art come through them.
Let alone that they do it to really take that sexual power and talent to the next level.

To really take their enigmatic sexual Rock Star powers – that I believe God, the Universe themselves bestowed upon them!-
To really take the job of rocking THAT, seriously and attend to it?
Develop it, nurture it, get good at it?
Understand the mathematics of it, its logic, and at the same time the magic?
Never heard anyone do that……

And I understand that… because even I saved this one for last!
This is the third and final post, in my Top Offers series. The other two posts I wrote in this series, were far easier:
The first post was for the Business Owner.
The second for the Artist.
And this third one, for the Rock Star.

printable about the 3 identities at Catacombe:
three identities
a YouTube video about these three
003 Business owner, Artist, Rock Star | 3 Identities

This is my definition of a Rock Star:

A Rock Star is a performance artist, who can raise sexual energy, knows how to hold it, and how to move it.
They can transfer this sexual energy onto others.

A Rock Star is the physical embodiment of freedom.

Suzanne Beenackers

I have just contacted a photographer, about options to use pictures he took of Bon Jovi in their earliest years.
Because in these pre-Slippery When Wet years of the band, you can already see the star power of Jon Bon Jovi, on stage.
He was the youngest member of his own band, which he brought together only after he’d already gotten a record deal as a solo artist.

Jon Bon Jovi had been in bands and on stage, since he was a teen. And I mean 15, 16 years old. Really young.
I once encountered an interview that he regretted not having taken time off to work a summer on the boulevard. He thought he would have been good at it.
But he had been a driven teen, and had set out to make it in the music industry. He didn’t give himself time to goof around, when others did.

But when you listen and watch those oldest shows – in 1984 the year of their first show in The Netherlands opening for KISS in Zwolle, Jon was just 22 years old!
Bon Jovi – Live at IJsselhallen | Full Concert In Audio | Zwolle 1984(audio only)
– you can hear their Rock Star quality.

In 1984 they played songs from their first record, Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi (1984) but added acapella intros, adlibs (improvised lyrics), and depth and layers the original tracks on their record didn’t have.
Because none of them were beginning performers, in particular not the now
22 year old Jon Bon Jovi.

He was really showing up for the audience, and did not hide behind the music, nor the lyrics.
He did not hide behind the fact that he was in a band, either.
Jon Bon Jovi’s stage presence was as Rock Star as Rock Star can get, and as a fan you don’t hear me complain.

It’s just that now that I started this company Catacombe, and I am getting my head around these Rock Star concepts, and putting words to something that has been repressed effectively because it didn’t get words other than accusatory, belittling ones;
Words, hardly more favorable than flaws that were passable as long as you made sure the other things were really good;
It is only now that I wonder:
What would have happened if frontman Jon Bon Jovi had focused on THAT?

‘Cause they got better, Bon Jovi.
New Jersey (1988) was according to many, including me, their best album. And every music critic and cynic that was not on board yet, was seen and overcome by These Days (1995), after which Bon Jovi was a respectable band who had outgrown singing about the backseats of cars.

They got better artistically, musically.

But it all makes me wonder…. it all makes me wonder;
What if Jon Bon Jovi, had taken that charisma, that Rock Star power, that rare energy for which there are no words and that is bestowed upon only the few and the few get shamed for it;
What would have happened if THAT had gotten the thought, attention, priority, money, time, stage, and opportunity to develop?

What would happen if we stopped looking for other things to validate it, and start with the very thing the few lucky ones in 1984 must have been able to see dripping off that stage in Zwolle and beyond?


become the Rock Star you were born to be

What even the Rock Star doesn’t know about their craft.
| 2023 03 28 Top offers 3: “THE ROCK STAR” (final offer in this series)

is the nineth Catacombe Rock Star post

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Let God do their frickin’ work, Rock Star! | 2023 03 22 Top offers 2: “The Artist”

photo (outtake) “Halloween Concert” by Katrina Cooper-Hinton https://somerandomchick.picfair.com/

Try not to yawn – if you do, this post is definitely for you! – but today I made my terms and conditions.
After having been in business officially for a month, and unofficially for multiple months already, I finally sat my ass down and not only did it pan out okay;
It absolutely rocked.

My terms and conditions went from something I had sought legal advice and insurance advice over, and that had been on my to-do list pretty much ever since I knew I would start a business again, only to then have it holding me back like a ball and chain-
to something I put my heart and soul in, the moment I decided to do it my way!

After months of not making any headway with them – and expensive months too because I did not grow my audience, and didn’t actively sell because not having my legal stuff in place made me insecure –
my terms and conditions flowed out of me without any of the micromanagement and bitterness of small print;
But with the urgency of a manifesto!

And it made me realize the importance of knowing you are an artist and the impact it has on your life, cannot be overstated.
You can never know too much about this, in particular because so little is common knowledge.

The artist is an archetype barely present and poorly understood, in our society today.

Athletes, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs.
We have role models in many areas, and we have ideas, experiences and have given thought to many of the roles that we play in our lives such as being a partner, a parent, an employee or a leader.
We have ideas, about what it means to be “good” at them.

Yet do we know what it means to be an artist?

Or at least I didn’t.
Not until I discovered that similarly to with the Terms and Conditions, I simply block when I encounter an area of life where society has a lot of “shoulds” around.
Whenever I encounter a situation where there is a lot of built-in expectations, mandatory requirements, and a distinctive smell of unfreeness?
I know exactly, what it means to be an artist.

Because being an artist means way more than just the areas that are your craft, skill or profession.
It means that EVERYTHING, needs to be done with the same surrender as what is officially your art or work. Everything bears the same significance, as what it is you are known for.

And maybe you do not totally block, like I did.
Maybe you don’t waste months, underachieving and coasting in your business.
But even then; You know where you are investing, and giving and losing way more than you receive or get back.
And more than you logically should.

Finance, relationships, legal shit, more relationships, complaints from people, housekeeping, taking care of your loved ones (I know that’s a risky one to put out!), taking care of yourself (better?);
The list of things that feel pointless and frustrating and the enormous pull they have, swallowing your whole life into quicksand, that list?
Is endless.

And the reason this is, is that – I would say “unfortunately”- we have no other choice than to figure them out top to bottom, all by ourselves.
Take them apart and rebuild them, so that they stop standing out like a sore fake thumb, and become a lived-through thing, that is in integrity with who we are.

That, is what being an artist means.
Because an artist is not just a creator, but it is a creator with a message. And as long as there are aspects of our lives that still convey the message of others, or of society at large; We. Will. Suffer.
You, will suffer.

Me, being slowed down by the ball and chain of how to properly set up my Terms & Conditions, waiting for the magical moment I would finally make myself copy, paste, and mimic, what others had done in that area?
Oh, I was planning for a horrific, inauthentic, wouldn’t-be-found-dead-with-it move, in what was supposed to be my dream business. 

So that is the bad news:
If you are an artist, you will need to take apart aspects of Life others can just borrow, copy and paste.

Good news is of course, the satisfaction and almost post-sex glow on your face once you do, and rocked it!
Once you have personally designed an area in your life everybody says you cannot do yourself, and you have to do it like this and that, and then you create something new entirely?
Oh, the sweet smell of artistic success!

But sure, I would agree with you that it would be nice to, for a chance, be able to use other people’s work and just go with the flow.
Just that every time I try this tempting short-cut, I end up losing time, money, or blowing the whole thing up because I just don’t want anything to do with it anymore.

So there is all that, about being an artist.
You have a message, and it wants to express itself.

And that message, that authenticity, is part of a bigger artistic “divine assignment” a.k.a. A Calling. Something is coming through you, work only you can do. And the catch is, only you know what this is.

And perhaps not even that;
You don’t know WHAT the highest work is, but you only know these weird projects, these effortless curiosities, that you follow.
You know when you are deeply involved in activities that give you so much joy, yet you have no idea where it will lead to.

“Highest work”.
Keep doing that thing that fills your heart with joy.
And for God’s sake, stop doing the things that suck the life right out of you.

But even with as little as we ourselves know about what our highest work is, we still know more than others who view us from outside.

I could have used normal Terms and Conditions, and no one would have noticed.
But I would have noticed.
And from that moment on, it would have been a countdown to the moment I had burned my company down to the ground.
Every time I attached that diabolical document to an email, a nail to the coffin.

Only you know when something is “off”.
And only you know, what you’re here to do.
And even when you don’t know, you still know better than others!

This is my definition of an Artist:

To be an artist is to be in an active and committed relationship with a craft, a calling, a message or a vision, as it is coming through.

This relationship takes shape in following curiosity, passions, hunches.
In following your Heart.

An artist is not responsible for expressing their highest work;
But for keeping the pathways clear, so their highest work can express through them.

Suzanne Beenackers

My curiosities are being offline and living in a fictional past.
No idea how this is ever to amount to any official “art”, but I know it is what I have to do.

My passion is writing, I have 10.000 blogs, give or take 😉 
I write with the same visceral need others suck their thumb. Although I also suck my thumb.

And my purpose is to live a Rock Star life, and to advocate the message of freedom.

Every time I do something that contradicts or denies those things, I don’t just work against my own nature, my own purpose;
But against the integrity of our time together, at this company Catacombe.

Every time I stray and end up being some kind of sterile, dried up, proper-business version of me, it violates the Rock Star quality, the juiciness, the sex, the luscious unpredictability and rebel nature of our rule-breaking work together.
And I have reduced the Rock Star tagline of this company t
o just some fuckin’ marketing gimmick.

In the same way you too, know what your highest work is.

It’s the work that comes with great ease, with great joy. It’s the work that makes you feel alive, on purpose, happy, in your power.
The work that makes you feel sexy, in love, creative, a bringer of Life here on this earth.

The work you, Artist, are here to do, is the work that awakens the Rock Star within you.

Because the Rock Star within you, was given to you for a reason. They are not just there residing inside of you, to bring out whenever the circumstances are right and you think you are welcomed.
They’re not a party trick.

You were given this strength and this power, for a reason;
bring your work and your message, into the world.

And rock them all.

become the Rock Star you were born to be

Let God do their frickin’ work, Rock Star!
| 2023 03 22 Top offers 2: “The Artist”
is the eighth Catacombe Rock Star post

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TCB Taking care of business, Rock Star | 2023 03 01 Top offers 1: “Rock Your Business”

photo “Angel Above” by Katrina Cooper-Hinton https://somerandomchick.picfair.com/

The abbreviation TCB, stands for Taking Care of Business and was created by Elvis Presley to define the band and organization that would take him back on the road again.
He had announced his comeback after 10 years, in “The 68 Comeback Special” on tv, and now he would form a group of professionals and friends, also known as the Memphis Mafia, who would accompany him for the rest of his life.

TCB was an identity, a belonging, and a point of pride. It was a social structure, and not a formal one. And the TCB logo was adopted by the group of people surrounding Elvis, as well as used in custom made jewelry and clothing, and in Graceland.

And when building a business, you should be on the lookout for this joint collab feeling, more than for single transactions or “getting” clients.
Your clients are already there.
Either literally, like Elvis who chose collaborations with his highschool friends, family and from people he knew from his time in the army;
Or you don’t know them yet, but they already exist, and they already have the interests and the personality, that matches who you are and what you are about.
Clients are not created nor persuaded, all that will change in the future is that you then do know each other. 

The first thing I want you to do is to picture your Beyond-Belief client. Could be an organization, or it can be a specific person, but it would be a client that (right now) you feel a separation from.
You very much feel it is “No Way” that person or organization, will be wanting to do business with you, because you’re “not there yet”, not known yet, and so on.
These are all excuses, but I won’t trigger you going down that road, because whether you believe or not that person can already be your client now, is surprisingly irrelevant to this story.

Now I want you to take on board the idea that your job is to start HOLDING THE SPACE, for this client to show up.
It’s like if you were an investment banker, you would have to be comfortable moving around millions and millions, with the same grace and ease a baker moves around flour, dough and pastry.
You need to start to energetically hold the space for the presence, the personality, the topics and challenges this client or business partner will bring with them.

Leonard Cohen tells in the documentary Words of Love, about his lover Marianne Ihlen, something along the lines of:
“You can only fill each other up if you are of equal size”
Meaning not (just ;)) the physical union, but that two lovers need to have a similar size personality.

To be at peace and open to your dream client, you need to practice that and be the bigger sized you, now.

So this is the first part, of how to build your business, or how to start viewing the business that you have.

And now I offer you my personal definition of what a business is. You will not find it in any book, but if you become my business coaching client, we could see how this would apply to your business.
Setting price points, designing your product offerings, setting up your daily communication; All those things come on top of this, because they are a natural extension of it.
But if you start with the details you will never get to the definition of a business I am about to tell you.

Just like Elvis would never have gotten to the well-oiled machine of his TCB posse if he had just hired professionals for all different areas, and put them together on a tour bus.
He started with a vision for his organization, and so should you.

And if you already have a business, this definition allows you to develop a vision and bring your company to a way higher level, where clients feel at ease, and so do you.

This is my definition of a business:

To have a business is to be in an active and committed relationship with clients, potential clients and repeat buyers.
This relationship is based on a shared future vision, where the growth of clients, business owner and business, are a mirror image of each other.

It is the responsibility of the business owner to build and develop the company so that it embodies the desired future of both business owner and clients.

Suzanne Beenackers

In this modern world the people with whom we have a deep and meaningful relationship, are few. The true scarcity, is human connection. 
And what we are truly selling, is the future promise of a certain area of their lives taken care of, as well as the promise of a future relationship.

A bakery doesn’t sell a loaf of bread today; They sell the promise that the area of bread is taken care of for an indefinite period of time.
Applying the elements of growth and a future vision, can expand on that.
It can turn the promise of taking care of the bread, into a meaningful relationship.
The client should have an understanding what the long-term vision for the bakery is, and how they are part of it.

In the same way, I do not sell “business coaching”.
I have a company Catacombe, and it holds the space for the biggest rock stars of the world, through a variety of offerings just like a bakery offers different types of bread.
The question is not whether I get you on board to buy a loaf of bread, or a business coaching session today;

Catacombe is the place for your Rock Star self, now, tomorrow, and propelled into the future.

In a similar way it doesn’t matter if your client buys from you today;
Your job is to develop a relationship where selling and buying are a natural part of what you have, and they are surrounded with joy, reverence, and anticipation.
Buying is like the exciting icing on the cake, that happens ever so often.

Your job is to build a business where your dream client will feel at home and will feel taken care of. 

It is your job, to build a business under grace.

become the Rock Star you were born to be

TCB Taking care of business, Rock Star
| 2023 03 01 Top offers 1: “Rock Your Business”
is the seventh Catacombe Rock Star post

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