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📸 26 February 2018, what I brought to work when I was still a fulltime yoga teacher. The bag was designed by my mother, using only recycled materials, including a tanktop from 2006.

Welcome, Rock Star!
Let’s get this show on the road, then.

There are three ways to work with me:
1. Rock Star mentoring (Zoom)
Below you find a post that will touch you right in your Rock Star heart if this is for you!
2. business coaching (Zoom and in Nijmegen)
3. booking me for events
If the event is in Nijmegen, I calculate my business coaching rate for this, and if it’s nationally, market fees apply.

Teaching yoga is currently not a part of my commercial offerings but I might add teaching yoga at events and private yoga in my own space, to my company at a future date.

I have two posts for you, here below.

In the post “Business Coaching” below, you find how I can help you.
This is the same as the “Rock Your Business” option in the Rock Star Mentoring post.
Just worded in a way that takes the Rock Star lingo out of it and shows the principles I use in “Rock Your Business” are definitely not exclusive to everybody who considers themselves a rock star, or wants to become one.

In the second post “Rock Star Mentoring” I show you the road ahead, Rock Star.
From getting your business on track, to creating your highest work, to stepping into your full power and becoming the Rock Star you were always meant to be.

It is showtime.

Suzanne Beenackers

page last updated at: Sunday 12 February 2023

Business Coaching
{a.k.a. Rock Your Business}


1 February 2020 in front of my yoga studio, only weeks before the lockdown began.

Rock Your Business is in-person business coaching in Nijmegen, or on Zoom.

 I, Suzanne Beenackers, specialize in helping service providers in commercial markets*

This means I can help you when you are an independent who sells their service at an hourly rate (f.e. a consultant), or who offers a packaged up service that can either be fully digital (f.e. sell a digital pre-recorded course), and/or a package that includes a certain number of hours. (f.e. a package of 5 massage treatments)

* If you are working in the public sector, we can look for ways to add a commercial line to your business. 

 I can help brick and mortar businesses

A brick and mortar business means you identify your work as being tied to a specific location. Sometimes it literally means that you have your own building or space where you do your work.
In general, a brick and mortar business means that you don’t work online, but face-to-face.

I can help businesses who sell a service (f.e. yoga studios) and companies working with physical products, but requiring a great deal of immaterial service around it.
This service can for example be planning, providing payment options, legal contracts, and after-sales service.

An example would be a contractor or a company that sells kitchens, needs to offer a complete service from visiting the building and making a price, or helping the client find the right kitchen, to buying materials or ordering the kitchen for the client, delivering the kitchen or doing the work on the house, billing, making sure the payment is received, and being available if something was not the way the client expected.
What the client buys is construction work or a new kitchen, but what is delivered requires a lot of service work.

In the online space, best practices have evolved around relationship management, and around building long-term sustainable relationships with your clients.
They also have a keen sense of developing low-cost options, when the work happens at a time, and in the way, that you prefer;
And offer premium options that cover extra time, extra services or scheduling flexibility.

By taking the success principles of online business into your work, you will not only regain the joy you once had in your profession, but you’ll be of great  service and with happy clients, who will gladly refer to you.

If I had known these principles in 2018, principles I deducted after studying online marketing for five years, then I would in theory still be able to make a photo in front of my yoga studio now, in 2023.
“In theory” means I love being a business coach, and cannot ever see myself going back to teaching yoga fulltime.
“In theory” also means that during the pandemic many yoga teachers who did not want to teach online, switched careers. I am one of them. 

But the underlying principles of marketing I found online, are capable of changing unhealthy business models that are limiting you, your business, and your clients.
These principles are able to set you free.

So therefor I claim that had I known them, I would not only still be a yoga teacher;
I would have been a thriving one.

“Rock Your Business” business coaching is available in Nijmegen, or online.
You can email me at
to book your session.

Or read below first, for a full viewing of the Rock Star future, that could be in store for you!


Rock Star Mentoring 

I have an off-the-cuff, once in a lifetime offer for anyone who wants to work with me.
This is absolutely the best opportunity, price-wise, that you are ever going to get from me.

Because in the upcoming weeks I will be test-driving three powerful, life changing, Rock Star mentoring sessions:

1. Rock Your Business

Business coaching for creatives who want to monetize their art, or who want their business to support their art.

If you were trained to think in terms of demographics, target market, or even the numbers game of SEO and social media, when all those things are absolutely not what lights your heart and soul?
Then this is your curtain call to change it all, Rock Star.

A Rock Your Business session is my low investment offer.
For this whole year I have set the rate at the price my own local business coach charged me;
In 2018!
So even after the introduction period, more about that below, Rock Your Business is an incredibly good deal to break the chains of your industry, and start running your own show.  

2. The Artist

Get real about the highest work you are here to do.
What is the project or dream you’re putting off?
Could even be multiple ones!

This is about your desire and knowing, you need to step into your full creative expression.
Even when no one, including you, understands what it is or how it will unfold.

This is about what should become your highest priority.
This, is the thing you know your life is for.

The Artist is a two hour session and a significantly bigger investment. 

Before moving on to my third offer, a message to

All Rock Stars

You are already a Rock Star.
By reading this blog, by letting my message resonate with you, it is already established that you do things differently, and that you ARE different.

By subscribing to this blog – where I will also be sharing the Rock Your Business videos, I will be making for you! –
you will already get great value, and it would be an absolute honor to work for you in this way.

If at any point you want to work with me personally, you can shoot me, Suzanne, an email at:
Containing a small motivation how I can help you or why you would like to work with me. Include your full name, and a link to the websites, social media accounts or LinkedIn, that are representative of what you are doing now, could be a career, a business and/or it could be your art.  

Your application, like your identity and everything else you tell me, is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else, with the exception of the bill which I need to give to my bookkeeper.
Your bill can be drawn up anonymously, if you prefer, but an anonymous bill will limit your possibilities of deducting the costs of our work together.

Other than my bookkeeper seeing the bills, no one sees my correspondence. I do not have an assistant for my social media nor my email.

After your application, and before taking you on as a client – for any offer – I make sure I can deliver you what you need and that working with me is what would help you most now.
My prices are not public, as they already fall under the larger umbrella of my client confidentiality.
Once we have established we’re a good fit, I give you the price of the session you are interested in, and you will have all the time you need to think about that.
All sessions are paid in advance, and bookings are not finalized until paid in full.

I hope this extra paragraph is helpful in giving you, Rock Star, an idea if my Catacombe offering is something that could help you.

Top offers

Before I give you my third and final offer, I want to point out that I also have two top offers, which I will rarely be communicating because they are very specific.

One for when you are on tour, so a high voltage offer!
On tour, can mean that you are literally on tour. Or it can mean whatever a comparable time would be, in your life.
“On Tour”, is the offer that allows us to
continue our work in what is a hectic, high-demand time.
A peak-time, in your artistic life.

And I have one offer for when you are in a very quiet phase, when you have it made so hard, that you wonder where the action is!
It’s called “The Genius”.

This is a time we can use that stability to take risks, a few dares perhaps?
Blow something up?!


In all likeliness, you will break things, blow things up, destroy and go on the occasional rampage.
Which is probably the most difficult thing to deal with, the most challenging aspect, of having a Rock Star personality.
But in your determination to not hurt other people, beware that you don’t hurt yourself instead.

Start seeing aggression as a sign something is wrong in your life. It is you making space, it is you defending boundaries.
The booze and the drugs, the overeating, the I-don’t-know-what;
It’s all just a sign of your dissatisfied Rock Star soul.

Start feeding it the things it really desires, the things it has a passion for and that you, Rock Star, crave from the bottom of your rebel heart.
Start giving it that, instead.

And then, finally, here is my third offer.
This is a bigger investment than 1. and 2., and together with the “on tour” offer, and the Genius offer, this is my first high-ticket one:


One session the length of a 3 hour rock concert, and we both know we’ll be totally wasted after. But in the most satisfying of ways.
This is your show, we are here for you and I am your rhythm section. And my suggestion as such, is that we play three separate sets, covering
A. Your financial freedom
B. Your creative freedom
and C. Your sexual freedom
You’re on that stage, because you are a performer, because you are a disruptor, and because you, are a symbol of freedom, Rock Star.

Your message, any Rock Star’s message, is the message of freedom.

And with your financial freedom being the least interesting for your message and to your audience (people meet people who are financially free all the time), your real capital as well as your lifeforce -just like everybody else’s!- is actually in those other two types of freedom:

The finance is important, and if you have your work dusting away on your computer or if you are totally into doing things that would sell like hotcakes if only you packaged them up, in your own Rock Star way?
Then yeah, sure. Sell it!

But your biggest most important things, your true capital as a Rock Star, are your freedom creatively and sexually.
More than anything else, that is what THE ROCK STAR session is about.

But talking financial freedom makes great foreplay 😉

Online/ Offline

Both 2. The Artist and 3. THE ROCK STAR are online sessions.

1. Rock Your Business is also available in real-life, in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

1. Rock Your Business and 2. The Artist are scheduled between 1 PM and 8 PM CET, Amsterdam Time, on weekdays.
THE ROCK STAR is flexible.

75% OFF 

As part of starting my company Catacombe Nijmegen, I am about to test drive all three offers:
Rock Your Business
The Artist
at a 75% percent discount.

So that means that while I am Forrest Gumping myself through learning Zoom and how my three different headsets work;
Learning how to make bills in PayPal (2023 international payments PayPal only), make my Terms and Conditions Agreements in both English and Dutch, and find out how to operate the frontdoor and the coffeemaker in the business building in Nijmegen, where you can take my Rock Your Business sessions-
You, will be getting a Rock Star mentoring session that could change not just the way you do business, but the entire way you do life.

You, can become the Rock Star you were born to be.

Yes, Let’s rock this!

Apply for Rock Your Business, The Artist or THE ROCK STAR, and the steep 75% percent discount once we know it’s a good fit –
by shooting me, Suzanne, an email at:

Containing a small motivation how I can help you or why you would like to work with me. Include your full name, and a link to the websites, social media accounts or LinkedIn, that are representative of what you are doing now. Could be a career, a business and/or it could be your art.
And of course, tell me what you would like to achieve!

Keep it short and powerful, so that I can immediately see what you’re made of!
“I want to rule the world” will do just fine 😉 

After we have established we’re a good fit, I give you the price of the session you are interested in, Rock Your Business, The Artist or THE ROCK STAR, including how much you pay during Catacombe’s “soft opening”, the February introduction period.

I’m looking forward to your application, and am very excited to get our show on the road!

become the Rock Star you were born to be