Terms & Conditions

“Wake up!” When I was a yoga teacher I knew for an absolute fact, I was meant to wake people -> the fuck<- up.
Not put them to sleep.
Guess what I do at Catacombe?

Well, well, well.
Then I guess this is where the terms and conditions go.
Question mark.

Or am I supposed to draw up a pdf to attach to my price email?
A pdf no one ever reads until things have turned out to be so disappointing you are digging in our correspondence to see how you can get your refund.

Can we both please agree, that if it ever comes to that, we make our breakup as smooth as possible, and that money will definitely be the least of my worries?

Here’s the terms and conditions
last changed at March 22, 2023

1. Pay in advance
You pay up front, for either a period of time (for example a contract per week or a month of mentoring) or for a one-off session (currently THE ROCK STAR, The Artist, or Rock Your Business).

2. We specify the dates and times we see each other in our agreement or, alternatively, we put a price tag on any required flexibility.
Being on stand-by for you and your team and having the madness of tour life coming into my apartment, requires me to clear my schedule.
Whereas having two calls in my agenda for when you come off stage, only requires an extra thermos of coffee to stay awake.

3. Full refund until three hours before start
You can email me for a reschedule or a full refund, until three hours before the starting time of either our session, or the starting time of our program.
There are no non-refundable deposits, everything is returned.
And no questions asked.
You trusted me enough to pay upfront and I trust you know what’s best for you.
If you can’t make it, you get a refund providing the program or session is still 3 hours away.
If your cancellation comes after, we improvise, but there’s no money back.

4. We wait for the other’s consent 
This is really where what we do starts to differentiate from what the outside world might expect what it is like to work together at this level.
What it means, to have said YES to working together.
And that it can only exist, as long as we are both free to say No too.
If I feel I have more to offer you, I do a proposal to you, which I trust you will accept or decline based on your own wisdom and truth.
And if you want to work with me again, you ask me for another dance.
And we’re both not just okay with the other saying No:
We recognize it as the foundation of any healthy relationship.

5. I take your money, not your name or your stories
Our time together is sacred, and it is private. Correspondence of clients and newly applying clients will be deleted as soon as it has had its purpose.
I don’t keep records of our conversations, other than notes of links/information that I want to send you afterwards because it came up during our session.
I work with a headphone, so your voice cannot be heard by anyone else than me, and I give my calls in a private room without any other people present.

I will not discuss our work with other professionals (not seeking supervision) but this also means that if I feel I have reached my limit, I will tell you.
I will not use your stories in my blogs, nor tell anyone you are my client, and will set the Zoom (or Skype, if you prefer) restrictions as tight as possible, to keep us safe.
The exceptions to our privacy agreement are if I believe people (including yourself) or animals are in danger of getting hurt;
Or if you personally (and legally) wave your right for privacy, in order for me to talk to someone you work with (f.e. a biographer or a manager). 

Having said all this, data leaks of any kind can always happen and I am only human in my ability to make mistakes.
So be cautious in what you share with me.

As important as our work together and your privacy is to me, I do not accept any other responsibility than to show up at the by us appointed times and I accept no other liability.