video: 003 Business owner, Artist, Rock Star | 3 Identities

📸We 👩🏼‍💻🧸are sitting on the edge of the couch so Zaza could stay in his basket

At Catacombe, we explore the concepts, ideas and beliefs, that are at the very heart of being a Rock Star. 
Values that are often the opposite to what society has us believe are true.
And yet;
These Rock Star principles are intertwined with what we all immediately recognize as worldly and personal success.

But more importantly;
They are at the core of living a fulfilling, purposeful life.

At the Rock Your Business YouTube channel I translate these concepts to what they mean for the way we do business.
Rock Your Business is one of the three channels associated with Catacombe. You can find all three at the bottom of this post.

Today at the Rock Your Business channel
003 Business owner, Artist, Rock Star | 3 Identities

You can check the description box of the video on YouTube, for all the links mentioned in the video, but there is one I would like to highlight:

Printable: three identities

An extremely useful document, for when you are business owner, artist and Rock Star at the same time!
Something which can be recognized by the regular blowing up of things 😬

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See you next time!

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