To shelter or to shine: you choose how you hold your umbrella, Rock Star | 2023 02 24 Rock Star Principles 1 Umbrella

Umbrella up! 2022 07 22 Op t Eiland, Nijmegen. Annual festivals surrounding the Four Day Marches.

What they don’t tell you as a business owner, is that your success rarely depends on however well it is you do what you do;
But on however well it is you are able to sell it.

And for a very long time, I thought that independents were actually fooled into thinking we had a profession.
That regardless of how much money and hours and accreditation we had, ultimately we were either all marketeers and sales people.
Or we’re all history.
That having a profession was a luxury only people in a job had.

I thought the most honest answer any independent or business owner could give to what it was they do was:
“I am a marketeer.”
Because ultimately, that was what was going to pay the bills.

But I no longer think like that, and I have to say it makes life a lot sweeter.
Not because I don’t like marketing, I do!
But because it was basically believing we work two jobs: The one people pay us for, and the one we actually have to prioritize to stay in business (marketing). 

The reason I changed my mind is because I now believe in the Umbrella theory.
It consists of two parts: 
Umbrella up or down.

Umbrella up☂️
If you are in this mode, you are holding the space for your clients, for your business, for your profession.
This is when you will FEEL like your profession (a shop owner, a service provider, a trader), it will feel very authentic.
But what you do is you are actually a guide.

Umbrella down (and waving it!)🌂
This is you in marketing and selling mode. In rebel mode, in Having Things To Say mode!
This is where the people who are also rebels will feel wildly attracted to you, but the people who like the umbrella up, and want stability and shelter, will not like it when you go around doing your marketing waving your umbrella.

So do I still think marketing is important?
But I think that if you are providing proverbial shelter in your business for long-term customers, you should just use your calm, stable energy, to sell yourself and not fold up your umbrella.
Let the space under your umbrella draw the people in.

Whereas when you have a rebel personality, and you want full creative and financial freedom, ask what you want, offer what you want, and have complete freedom and authority over your business and your life?
Well, keep the umbrella down, and wave it around with all your heart, so we can see you!

I also drew and wrote out these principles, here it is:

Rock Star Principles 1 Umbrella A and B Suzanne Beenackers Catacombe Nijmegen

Up or down;
Use the umbrella mode that you love and rock, Rock Star!

become the Rock Star you were born to be

To shelter or to shine: you choose how you hold your umbrella, Rock Star
| 2023 02 24 Rock Star Principles 1 Umbrella

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